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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I be without my blinds?

Venetian Blinds: We clean on site. You will only be without the blind for about 15 minutes each.


Vertical Blinds:  For Domestic: all Blinds are removed and cleaned on our premise. We collect them in the morning and return them in the afternoon


Vertical Blinds:  For Commercial: We collect all Blinds on day one and return them 24 to 48 hours later, depending on the size of the job.


Wooden Blinds:  We clean on site, and do not remove them from the window, unless it is required.


Bamboo Blinds: We clean on site, and do not remove them from the window, unless it is required


Roller Blinds: We clean off site, +/- 24 hour turn round.


Roman Blinds: No longer clean fabric blinds. We do clean PVC off site, 24 hour turn around.


What type of blinds do you clean?

Venetian, Aluminum, Wooden, Laminated Wood & PVC

Vertical Material and PVC


Roller Blind (PVC Only)


Can you remove black mould?

On Aluminum and PVC we can remove all the Black Mould. On material Vertical Blinds, we can remove most, but unfortunately black mould gets into the fibers of the material and the stain will not come out with our normal cleaners. The chemicals required to remove this stain is too harsh for the material. 


What is the average waiting time for new blind orders?

The normal waiting time is 6 to 8 working days (Excluding Saturday and Sunday)


What type of new blinds do you do?

Aluminum, Wooden, Laminated Wood and PVC Venetian Blind.

Material and Sunblock Vertical Blind,

Roller Blinds,

Roman Blinds,

Bamboo Blind (Roller and Roman)


Can all glass be tinted?

All glass can be tinted except the frosted glass used in a bathroom.


How do I look after the window film once it has been installed?

See our care sheet  by view the PDF here: Solar Film Care


Do you charge a call out fee?

Due to the price of petrol and the running cost of our vehicles we do charge for a call out.


Do you work weekends?

As a rule we do not work at weekend, however if there is no other time that the work can done, then we will make a plan, but there will be an additional fee involved.


Do pensioners get a cash discount?

Yes pensioners do get a cash discount.


Do you offer Discounts?

We only offer a discount (on request) for full upfront payments or immediate settlements only.