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Dirty, Dusty Blinds can have an adverse effect on children and adults suffering from asthma and allergies

One of the most dreaded, but necessary items to keep clean are the window blinds. Often overlooked, window blinds are one of the biggest collectors of dust within a home.
Dust left unchecked, can cause allergies and asthma symptoms to flare up. Not to mention, that dust is very unsightly and causes a home to look dirty.
When it comes to cleaning of your Blinds, this may be one of the most time consuming and labour intensive items in the home. However, it is also one of the most important. Window blinds sit virtually untouched throughout the year and collect dirt and dust from many different sources.
There are really only three methods to cleaning window blinds, some more effective than others.
The first is to simply wipe them down with a feather duster or damp rag on a regular basis. A down side to this method is that although the blinds now appear clean, much of the dust has now become airborne and will simply find another item in the home to rest on. The dust was never truly removed.
The second method would be to physically remove the blinds, take them outside and rinse them with a hose. This can be an effective method, but you will find it to be very labour intensive and often leaves the blinds with water stains and streaking, not to mention the possible damage you may cause to the blinds.
The third and most effective method is to have the blinds cleaned by a professional blind cleaner that utilizes Ultrasonic cleaning technology. This is a state of the art process that will remove all dust and allergens along with any stains and residues that are present not only on the blinds themselves, but also on the cords and strings. This process can leave your blinds sparkly clean, like new!

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